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Ideas in Motion: An Experiential Workshop in Nature

Are you an idea carrier, team, or organization facing a creative block?

Do you want to bring your ideas from your head and heart out into the world? If so, this experience workshop is for you!


New Ideas

don't just want to be thought about, they

want to be felt, dared, and walked.

It starts with the first step taken.

Our Ideas in Motion Workshop offers an inspiring and interactive experience in nature to unleash creativity.

In this workshop, we will explore various holistic techniques and approaches to generate ideas and find innovative solutions to challenges.

Instead of just racking our brains, writing things down, discussing them, sitting in front of a paper, or behind a desk: ideas and things that have come to a standstill need to get moving.

So, let's go, let's make our way into nature to be inspired and find the right impetus.

Nature is full of wisdom and brings forth new insights in the form of images and impressions.

The branches of the trees are our flipchart, a clearing becomes the creative space for projects, the water demonstrates the necessary letting go, the up and down of the hills supports inner clarification processes.

An excursion that embodies decisions and paths ahead.

Structured, creative, poetic, concrete, process-oriented and solution-oriented.

The Journey

We will go on a "hike" together with 12 stations that will put you on a new track or make a buried one more recognizable.
12 stations and creative exercises at different locations help to put an end to and compost what doesn't work. Ideengehen encourages you to get to the core and inspires lateral and fresh thinking.
And not just talking, but also listening, observing, being surprised ... and trying out the new things right away and getting feedback and encouragement.
All this in one day (!) - from sunrise to sunset, on foot and outdoors in nature.
The day ends with insights, new creative solutions and a festive conclusion and toast to the next steps.

Content & Focus 

In this Workshop, you will: 

Gain clarity and focus on your project or idea.

Identify and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

Develop a concrete plan for moving forward.

Receive creative and practical tools to help you bring your ideas to life.

Connect with other like-minded individuals who are also passionate about making a difference.



  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Idea development
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles
  • Collaboration & feedback
  • Practical application

Target Group

This workshop is aimed at teams, companies, organizations and individuals who want to strengthen their creative skills and promote innovative ideas.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has a project or idea that they want to move forward with.
  • Teams that are struggling to collaborate effectively.
  • Organizations that are looking to foster innovation and creativity.

No matter what your background or experience level, this  will give you the tools and resources you need to take your ideas to the next level.


The workshop can be offered in different formats depending on the need, from half-day sessions to multi-day intensive workshops.
This is just an example of an "Ideas in Motion Workshop". It can be adapted to the needs and target group.

Move your ideas 

 Get in touch for more info on upcoming workshops or to host one yourself.


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