Skills to Turn Friction into Fuel


Skills to bridge the Gap Between Insight & Action


The Power of Cooperation & Interpersonal Skills for Impact

From Rigidity to Adaptability

Develop the Resilience Muscle Through Learning.

Organisational Alchemy in Action 

Evolving Together

Partnering for Sustainable Transformation

Equipping teams and organizations to thrive in challenging times.

Tailored to people and situations.

Essential skills

Develop essential human skills through interactive trainings and gain real-world tools. Understand dynamics and use patterns and rhythms to navigate through challenges.

  • Implement holistic project management.
  • Build strong communication & conflict resolution skills
  • Empower teams with self-organization & decision-making.
  • Cultivate emotional sovereignty for uncertain times

Guidance and Support

We guide you towards creating a supportive space where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered.

When information flows freely and communication is open, your team/organization can thrive, collaborate, and achieve its goals.

We facilitate and support to build a healthy and high-performing team/organization.


Get professional support for your development and in achieving your goals over a period of at least three months.

Get facilitation for the following topics: 

  • Organizational evolution
  • Team development and self-organization
  • Roles and power distribution
  • Conflict Facilitation


Unbiased, professional external support can help you take the next step or foster successful collaboration.

We structure, lead, and support future development processes, learning and dialogue processes.

We help you stay focused on the essentials and avoid getting bogged down in issues or interpersonal matters.

We design and moderate analog and digital learning and experience spaces.

Not Bad at These Things:

creativity & Intuition 

Lets not just see the future, but taste it, touch it, feel it, smell it!

structures & processes

Adapt like water, routine sets the pace, let the process be our guide and structure our safety net
, speak loud and clear!

curiosity & courage

Trade “know-it-all” for “heck-yeah-let’s-find-out!”

Experience Emotionskultur

Our understanding of what the world needs right now flow into our coaching, events, and products, which you can find here.

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The way emotions and tensions are dealt with determines whether they have long-term negative, destructive, or positive effects – on individuals and on entire systems.

We work for and with teams and organizations 

… who are willing to face their challenges and conflicts head-on, and who want to learn and grow together.

We work with and for those who want to bring more humanity into their teams, organizations, and businesses, alongside compelling products and services.

Together, we are committed to creating healthy and sustainable work environments where people can be self-determined and actively engaged, and where they can take responsibility.

Last but not least, we are committed to fostering a culture where people can be awake, open, creative, and efficient, and where they can see themselves as actors in a much larger and more complex world.”

Emotions are the spark that ignites creativity, momentum, and good solutions.

Lets get started

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