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Ready to step outside your comfort zone and explore new paths?

Difficulties, stagnation, and dissatisfaction in life often can’t be resolved through mere thinking or familiar patterns. The key to profound change lies in harnessing your entire perception – beyond the intellect.

This coaching journey uses creative methods, bodywork, and dreamwork to tap into your unconscious wisdom.


  • Hidden influences shaping your challenges
  • The power of emotions and intuition for fresh perspectives
  • Inner wisdom revealed through bodily sensations and dreams

Gain clarity, overcome limitations, and find inner peace.

What is Processwork?

Process Work is an innovative approach to personal and collective growth and transformation.

We delve into the hidden messages within you – the subconscious signals and dynamics appearing in your body, thoughts, dreams, and relationships. These subtle cues hold the key to your inner wisdom and untapped potential.

Through process-oriented coaching, you'll embark on a transformative journey. You'll learn to recognize and understand these signals, gaining clarity and direction for your life. We'll uncover new possibilities to unleash your potential and overcome limitations, ultimately strengthening your connection to yourself and others.

What does a Coaching offer?

Process-oriented coaching offers:
Continuous surprise, engagement, and transformation.
A personalized journey tailored to your specific needs and goals.
The opportunity to create a life of self-determination and empowerment.
Ready to unlock your inner wisdom and transform your life?

What is a Session like?

In each Session

We delve deeper into underlying challenges to uncover the wisdom within.
We utilize diverse methods like bodywork, dreamwork, and creative techniques.
We co-create solutions that work best for you.
Session duration: 60 minutes

For Whom is this Coaching?

Processswork Coaching is ideal for:

  • Individuals navigating challenges and seeking fresh perspectives.
  • People who desire to unleash their potential and transform their lives.
  • Those seeking to improve their relationships with others.

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