Organic Planning

Good planning is like nurturing a seedling with sunlight, guiding it to flourish in the world.

Great endeavors and people with big ideas often have a hard time

It is difficult to plan the new with all the unknowns and to draw the path to realization. Not infrequently, the initial spirit is lost in project planning. Or, when creating and working through tasks, the joy is lost, important things are simply overlooked, the project stalls unnecessarily or never gets going.

Board of Creation – The Game Plan

The o.evolution game plan is a further development of the Karrabird, a central tool in Dragon Dreaming.

The game plan is the basis for creative and inspiring as well as participatory project planning.

It is a kind of spider web diagram. At the same time, it can be used as a game board on which the project is “played”. It provides an overview, orientation, helps to think in a new and creative way and to recognize undiscovered possibilities.

The game plan is by no means just a planning tool, it is a kind of “board of creation”, a plan that makes visible how the project comes to life.

It not only helps to recognize new ways of implementation, but also supports the organic planning and execution of projects. In this coaching, you will learn to recognize and design the prerequisites that will bring your ideas to life. You will develop these skills by creating an individual “game plan” tailored to your own project.

Content And Objectives of the Coaching 

  • Understand the fundamentals and principles of successful project planning and implementation.
  • Create an (online) game plan for your own project.
  • Apply simple tools that make planning and involving others easier and make your project a new, easy, and playful experience.
  • Identify potential obstacles in your project and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Learn to read and navigate your project.
  • Practical application of the game plan to support the implementation of your project.
  • Structure And Procedure 

  • Initial consultation: In the initial consultation, we will discuss your project or endeavor and your goals for the coaching. We will also assess your needs and determine the number of sessions that would be most beneficial for you.
  • Individual online sessions: The individual online sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. We will use a variety of methods and tools to help you learn and apply the principles of successful project planning and implementation.
  • Information and preparation materials: Between sessions, you will receive information and preparation materials that will help you to prepare for the next session. These materials may include articles, videos, and exercises.
  • Interactive work: We will use the Zoom and Mural platforms for interactive work. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that will allow us to see and hear each other in real time. Mural is an online whiteboard tool that we can use to create a game plan together.
  • Online game plan: The online game plan that we create together will be a valuable tool for you to use after the coaching. It will help you to track your progress, identify problems, and make decisions.
  • Your ideas are worth it!