Holistic and participatory projects

Dragon Dreaming

is a creative method for individuals, organizations, teams, and communities to dream up projects from the power of vision, plan them organically and playfully, and implement them in a way that ensures 100% identification of all stakeholders.

In a Dragon Dreaming Workshop you

Connect with the “why?” of your projects and ideas

Learn how to communicate your ideas charismatically

Experience how your dream becomes everyone’s dream

… Translate ideas into a vibrant and powerful game plan

… Learn how to maintain the enthusiasm and energy of all participants throughout the project

… Understand what makes some projects fail and others succeed

… Get to know a holistic approach to projects

And by  the end of the workshop, you will be able to put these tools into practice

Those who are willing to embrace the fundamental principles can participate by pursuing dreams that promote personal growth, group growth, community well-being, and the betterment of the world by fostering diversity, creativity, and vitality.

Dragon Dreaming Formats

The Essence Of Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming is inspired by living systems and draws on insights from chaos theory, organizational development theories, systems theory, and the wisdom of indigenous cultures.

The method offers a range of creative and playful tools for the organic development of projects and teams and actively cultivates sustainable ways of living and working.

The resulting projects are based on four phases or qualities: dreaming, planning, doing, and celebrating. Awareness and knowledge of the quality of these phases helps to organically plan dreams and visions and to successfully implement them.

Presentation/ Short Workshop (1-3h)

This short workshop introduces the Dragon Dreaming method and demonstrates how to develop successful, sustainable, and participatory projects.

Dragon Dreaming Introduction (min. 2.5 days)

In this introductory seminar, participants will learn the steps and phases for successful project implementation and will be able to transfer this knowledge to their own projects or endeavors. They will experience the Ablauf eines Traumkreises (English translation: "Dream Circle Process") and get a first impression of the joint development of a creative project plan (Karabirrdt) and learn how to actively deal with project blockades and critics.

In addition, a local project support network will be initiated by the participants, with which the participants will support each other in the implementation of their projects.

Intensive Workshop (5 days)

This intensive workshop focuses on deepening, applying, and reflecting on projects initiated with Dragon Dreaming. The workshop includes:

  • Network analysis
  • Initiating a dream circle to gain motivated and committed project members
  • Reflection on the strengths, weaknesses, and potential blockades of the project
  • Participatory development of project goals and tasks
  • Developing a project game plan (Karrabirrdt)
  • Possibilities to review and navigate the project progress
  • Starting creative detailed planning for the next 6-12 months


  • Participation in an introduction to Dragon Dreaming
  • An existing project idea and project team

Project Support / Coaching

Existing or planned projects can be effectively supported by the Dragon Dreaming process.

Project members are introduced to the method using their specific project: the project start, successful implementation, and the central pillars of participatory teamwork. They reflect on existing or potential blockades to the project's progress and within the team and learn how to restore balance.

If desired, project support can be provided with varying intensity and frequency over a longer period of time.

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