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New Ideas

don’t just want to be thought about, they want to be felt, dared, and walked.
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Are you an idea carrier, team, or organization facing a creative block?

Do you want to bring your ideas from your head and heart out into the world? If so, this experience workshop is for you!

Our Ideas- in-Motion Workshop offers an inspiring and interactive experience in nature to unleash creativity.

In this workshop, we will explore various holistic techniques and approaches to generate ideas and find innovative solutions to challenges.

Instead of just racking our brains, writing things down, discussing them, sitting in front of a paper, or behind a desk: ideas and things that have come to a standstill need to get moving.

So, let’s go, let’s make our way into nature to be inspired and find the right impetus.

Nature is full of wisdom and brings forth new insights in the form of images and impressions.

The branches of the trees are our flipchart, a clearing becomes the creative space for projects, the water demonstrates the necessary letting go, the up and down of the hills supports inner clarification processes.

An excursion that embodies decisions and paths ahead.

Structured, creative, poetic, concrete, process-oriented and solution-oriented.

Transformation starts with the first step

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