From conflict resolution to organizational evolution, we guide individuals and systems towards balanced and enduring futures.


Emotionskultur a Vienna-based transformation agency, designs impactful learning experiences.

In 2007, we (Ulrike Reimann and Marijana Grsak) founded Emotionskultur (formerly “Emotionale Kulturentwicklung”) in Bremen, Germany, with the aim to empower individuals and communities through emotional expression.

Our journey began with fostering peace and remembrance in the former Yugoslavia, addressing the complexities of conflict and fostering a culture of encounter. Since then, we have expanded our reach, partnering with diverse actors across sectors - from educational institutions and NGOs to foundations, associations, and companies.

We craft transformative experiences that ignite hidden potential – the power of dreams, imagination, intuition, and emotions – to equip individuals, teams, and organizations for the future.

By fusing proven methods with innovative approaches, we unlock a wellspring of creativity, fuel high-performing teams, and cultivate both individual well-being and organizational evolution in a changing world.

Our diverse and dynamic network of facilitators co-create impactful learning experiences, delivered in a variety of formats - analog, hybrid, and digital.


Humanity in Times of Change

In times of upheaval and change, it's easy to neglect our needs and values, get stuck in our emotions, or resort to actionism. But these are the moments when we need to be most human.

What about slowing down and being intentional? What about being less competitive and more collaborative? What about speaking honestly and openly, even when it's difficult?

What about embracing our uniqueness, showing our true colors, including both strengths and weaknesses? What about being curious about others and open to new experiences?

Emotionskultur prioritizes human connection, authentic communication, and responsible action over quick fixes. We cultivate courageous and innovative individuals, teams, and groups who feel safe to contribute, grow, and leave a positive impact.

Through our work, we help people and organizations:

  • Understand and leverage their unique strengths
  • Experience meaning, joy, and growth in collaboration and community
  • Navigate endings and beginnings 

What it takes

Human-centered action is challenging. It requires skills that we must continually learn and develop:

  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Understanding supportive patterns and structures
  • Navigating different opinions, rhythms, and work styles
  • Embracing uncertainty and exploring the unknown together

We believe that by investing in these skills, we can create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.

How do we design your transformation?

We begin by practicing deep empathy. We actively listen to understand your unique challenges and goals. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here. We design a custom roadmap using a blend of coaching, immersive learning experiences, targeted workshops, and ongoing process support – all tailored specifically to your context.

We craft safe spaces and dynamic opportunities for you to explore your issues through a creative and structured lens. This fosters individual and collective growth, allowing you to mature as a well-functioning team and a resilient organization.

We equip you with a robust framework, practical tools, and strategic interventions that empower collective learning and development. When frustration, apathy, or disorientation threaten progress, we act as your design partner, helping you navigate those roadblocks and rediscover your path forward.


Emotionskultur is also a platform for experienced facilitators, consultants, and trainers who come together to offer a variety of topics and formats.

Here you will soon find a first overview of the people who will work together on your projects.

We are connected both professionally and personally. This means that we are not just a loose network, but rather have grown and stable relationships.

You benefit from these relationships when we work for you as a team.

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