The Organizational Myth or the Source of an Enterprise


Whenever a group, team, business, or organization is formed, it is more than just a gathering of individuals around a topic. It is more than a coming together of opinions, experiences, and ideas.

Already, the formation of the team or organization contains central impulses and information about a possible evolution: the central forces, the probable development path, as well as the unique values and aspects.

This workshop delves into the fascinating concept of the “organizational myth.” It’s the invisible force that binds a team, the unspoken narrative that shapes its culture. This workshop goes beyond just individuals and ideas – we’ll explore the underlying impulses, values, and aspirations that guide an organization’s evolution.

A Transformative EXPERIENCE

Delve into the heart of your organization and unlock its true potential.

In this immersive workshop, you'll embark on a journey to uncover the hidden narrative that shapes your organization's identity, culture, and direction.

This workshop goes beyond just surface-level interactions; it's about understanding the deeper forces that drive your organization's evolution.

What to EXpect and Experience

This workshop equips you with tools, theories, and experiences to unlock your organization's true north.

Uncover Your Core: Explore your organization's underlying purpose and archetypes, revealing its "why" and the unique role it plays in the world. Gain insights into the collective purpose that unites your team and fuels its desire to contribute.

Navigate with Clarity: By understanding your organization as a living entity with its own needs and alignment, you'll initiate sustainable changes driven by a deeper understanding, not individual agendas. Learn to make decisions based on your organization's core purpose and its place in the future, ensuring a positive impact on the world.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Uncover Your Organization's True North: Discover the overarching direction and goals that define your organization's existence.
  • Unearth the Collective Purpose: Delve into the deeper collective cause that unites your organization.
  • Align with the Future's Call: Understand the role your organization plays in shaping a better future.
  • Define Your Organization's Unique Role: Identify the distinctive role your organization fills in the world.
  • Discover Sustainable Practices: Implement practices that minimize harm and maximize positive impact.

This workshop empowers you to transform your organization, ensuring it operates responsibly, ethically, and with a clear vision for the future.


Are approaches and tools are based on systematic work, Deep Democracy, process work, Dragon Dreaming, mediation, creative design: sensing, perceiving, trying out and embodying ...


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